Please read (Heng Cheng Hwee “Charger”: In Memoriam)

Early last year I discovered that a member of Touitsu Recordings, Charger, sadly passed away on the 8th August 2014. Since learning this, I have been planning to release all of his tracks that I could find, including free tracks from his SoundCloud, guest tracks on compilations as well as the ones that he sent me that were not accepted by other labels or were left unreleased for whatever reason. This makes this collection of tracks an almost-complete discography of his. The only two exceptions that I know of are his remixes of Dream’s “Heart on Wave” (which exists only as a preview on SoundCloud) and Haruke Tomatsu’s “Yume Sekai”, which I lost the file for a couple of years ago and can no longer be downloaded. I have instead included the VIP mix however the first version can be heard here:

I have put the tracks in approximate time order according to when they were finished. It can be observed how much he evolved as an artist over roughly two years; you’ll notice a massive improvement in the quality of his productions, compositions and mastering. Having just been featured on the J-CORE MASTERZ series, it is clear Charger was going from strength to strength and would have gone on to achieve many more great things.

Please share this release as much as you can. I really hope Charger’s music will be remembered. His knack for combining heavy kicks and basses with high tempos and crazy melodies created a truly unique sound, and I’m sure many will agree that this has been a huge loss for the J-core community.

I’d like to thank M-Project (MOB SQUAD TOKYO) and 餅屋/Mochiya (dat file records) for allowing me to release for free the tracks by Charger that were released on their labels’ CDs, as well as Charger’s mother for giving me permission to release his unreleased tracks. Thanks also to Denis Siks (SOTUI) for providing art and to anyone else who has assisted this release and made it possible.

R.I.P Heng Cheng Hwee, you are truly missed.

- D-Luc-D

Please follow the link below to download.

Heng Cheng Hwee “Charger”: In Memoriam


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