New free releases!

We have two new releases today! They can be downloaded from our Bandcamp.

Why are we now releasing on Bandcamp?
Well: Touitsu Recordings is now running a donation system. Our releases are still free, however you can choose to pay whatever amount you want to. This covers any costs for making free releases such as mastering, artwork and Bandcamp download credits. Once we cover costs for free releases, donations go towards making new physical releases. Each time we reach £500, we will begin to plan a new CD. The reason for doing this is so that we know people really want more CDs, plus we will be able to sell them for extremely cheap prices because production costs are covered. If we never reach £500, then we won’t make any new CDs. So if new physical releases from us are something you want, be sure to donate anything you can for our free releases!

AniCore 3


Bass Connections


Also, don’t forget our first CD, “Tempo Tantrum” released in the summer is still available to order!

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